What does carbon and oxygen make

The Carbon Skimmer filters Carbon Dioxide from the air, and traps it in Polluted Water. It requires a power connection, and clean Water to be pumped in.

The temperature of the output Polluted Water is the combined one of the input materials.

Unlike Algae Terrariums, Carbon Skimmers do NOT produce oxygen.

Usage[edit | edit source]

Carbon Skimmers serve as an alternative to slicksters in Carbon Dioxide recycling. While slicksters provide fuel, skimmers direct CO2 to agricultural applications.

Carbon Skimmers are useful when placed in an areas high in Carbon Dioxide to remove it, which prevents your colony from being overwhelmed by it, as well as lowering air pressure. Since carbon dioxide is a dense gas and sinks, the skimmer is most effective when placed at the bottom of the colony.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Since the Carbon Skimmer outputs exactly the same volume of liquid as it takes in, it can be built in a closed loop with a Water Sieve. This saves 240 W of power to run a Liquid Pump once the loop is given an initial quantity of water to work with.
    • One Sieve can serve up to 5 Skimmers.