How does electronic power steering work

Hydraulic power steering is a primitive technology used for decades and has improved a lot with time. Earlier, it did not have any difference in steering response with speed of the car, but the new age of hydraulic power steering are speed sensitive and work better than the older hydraulic power steering. Electric power steering are comparatively new technology with less complicated build and mechanism, takes less space and are more durable. Electric power steering use sensors to sense the car speed and will take care of the different steering response required for different speeds. Some of the main differences are as below: 1. Hydraulic Power Steering System is complicated compared with Electric Power Steering 2. Hydraulic Power Steering System usually weighs more than Electric Power Steering 3. Hydraulic Power Steering uses hydraulic fluids for operation whereas there is no such fluid needed for Electric Power Steering, thus Electric Power Steering needs less maintenance compared to hydraulic power steering. 4. Electric Power Steering gives better response at different speeds as compared to Hydraulic Power Steering 5. Eclectic Power Steering is less prone to problems and faults and are more durable as compared to Hydraulic power steering. 6. Hydraulic power steering extracts power from engine, so it reduces the fuel mileage of the engine. Electric power steering consumes power from battery which is also charged by engine, but it consumes less power compared to Hydraulic power steering. So a car having Electric power steering will give more mileage than one with Hydraulic power steering. Conclusion : Electric Power Steering is better than Hydraulic Power steering. Hope this helps :-)